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Dear All, I have seen some very detailed and interesting comments from some of you regarding the PPP Bilawal Jalsa today in Karachi and what is its importance or not in Pakistani politics. Those of you who watched last night’s program, Siyasat aur Sazish, will remember that we had a threadbare discussion on the future of PPP Politics in Pakistan with Ayaz Amir. Given Bilawal’s launch Jalsa we will be doing the same today. All of you should comment and advise me here as to what is important, what questions should be raised for PPP leadership? What PPP needs to do if it aspires to become an all Pakistan Party once again? I will love to hear from those in Karachi, Hyderabad and Sindh – we never hear from Sindhis, but it will be great if we hear Sindhi voices…looking forward to – Moeed Pirzada