From Bhai to Sahab; The Rebel, the Londoner and the Golden Goose !!!

Leading with the anecdote of the Golden Goose fable, Doctor Pirzada built up the MQM narration from how the Indian Prime Minister, the instigator of all the political upheavals and insurgencies in Pakistan, has exposed all his assets in Pakistan in a moment of sheer desperation. One of these Geese, MQM chief Altaf Hussein, is about to see an end to his political regime. The Pak Sarzameen Party Chief Mr. Mustafa Kamal bombarded the MQM rebel Mr. Farooq Sattar with inquisitions about the notorious Altaf Bhai. Mr. Sattar responded with a press conference about how he does not need to present justifications and that the MQM Pakistan does not have anything to do with Altaf Hussein and the London faction. Mr. Farooq Sattar’s slow descent from Altaf Bhai to Altaf Sahab is an interesting element in all of this. This war of words does not seem to present a clear picture. This Pakistani game of thrones might still have some players to reveal.