Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Panama Leaks & Saleem Mandviwala Disclosures !!!

Senator Saleem Mandwevaala presents his verdict on the Panama Files dilemma. Dr Pirzada enquiresthe senator of the Senate’s narrative about the Panama files.Mr Mandwevaala said that there are many off shore companies and business benefits situated acrossthe world there’s nothing constitutionally out of order, but it is a question of moral integrity for a statesman to be involved in such disclosures.Peoples Party elite Mr. Javed Pasha was also implicated in the papers, alongside prominent party premiers and Benazir Bhutto herself.The main incentive of all the discussion is to diffuse the issue. The question is why ppp is silent on the matter? Mr Mandwevaala said that the people’s party wants the implicated persons to address the issue constitutionally and with a distinctive moral responsibility He went to add that the need of the moment is that the PM should appear in front of the Parliament. Since Pakistan follows British democracy and the British prime minster has been accused and he has presented his Financials The Pakistani prime minister, Mr Mandwevaala said, should be held accountable for his actions. The narrative that the Prime Minister hasn’t been accused of any felony is completely false Dr Pirzada asked Mr.Mandvewala why the Pakistan Peoples party hasn’t shown any distinct reaction on the matter? Peoples party stays clear on its stance that it should be completely probed via proper channels. Mr Mandvewalla was asked what people’s party’s stance is on the PTI reaction and Why is Bilawal Bhutto planning a visit. To that, the senator replied that There will be a discussion by the party leadership as to what statement should be issued against the matter publicly.Dr Pirzada went on to ask the senator that with him being the Chariman for finance affairs in the senate,