Moeed Pirzada |

Agahi Seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was interesting and a good effort and many speakers and participants were able to explain the internal and external dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility. However as it happens in all Pakistani or perhaps South Asian Discussion forums it also quickly dissipated into, “In my opionion, I think, mera khayal hay..” the ability to dissect frameworks and policies was absent despite some robust effort by the moderator Ms. Puruesh and desperate pleas from me and Mr. Imran of JS Bank.

Discussions without understanding the overall frameworks, without an ability to dissect policy frameworks can never prescribe solutions. Since I am from media, I see this more clearly in case of media. Condemning Seths, governments or individual media celebriteis does not provide a solution. Media cannot be reformed and play a constructive role unless Pakistan has a genuinely autonomous Public Broadcaster like BBC with its own Board of Governors with full control on public money that is collected for Ptv along with Electricity Bills. Right now Ptv is a government controlled channel in the interests of which ever mafia controls govt; we need a State Broadcaster that will act as a leader, a standard bearer of the national and societal values and we need an Independent Media Regulator like OfCom in UK.

Rotay Rotay beth gai awaz kisi saudai ki…!!


Moeed Pirzada is prominent TV Anchor & commentator; he studied international relations at Columbia Univ, New York and law at London School of Economics. Twitter: MoeedNj. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Global Village Space’s editorial policy. This piece was first published in Moeed Pirzada’s official page. It has been reproduced with permission.