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Altaf Hussain’s latest Political Blunder? It’s true that MQM and its leadership is under unprecedented pressure and Altaf Hussain isolated in UK has to react, show potency and power and political leverage, to sustain hopes and aspirations of hundreds and thousands of followers in Karachi and Hyderabad who look to him to provide solutions to deal with a difficult situation that is demoralising the rank and file.

But his latest outbursts calling for NATO forces in Karachi, taunting India for not helping “Muhajirs” and writing to UN Secretary General UN for intervention into Pakistan are serious political blunders that only increase isolation of MQM from national politics, confuse its followers and exhibit helplessness and desperation.

Altaf hussain must come up with a better political vision instead of repeating old slogans & threats that have no real effect in changed national and regional dynamics. For instance the loss of control on media platforms that no longer broadcast his outbursts live from London to whole Pakistan has severely curtailed Altaf Hussain’s threat perception and needs deep reflection by MQM leadership.

What MQM needs to understand is that continuous references to India & Muhajirs from India don’t help. Not anymore. Appeals to UN and NATO are pointless in a changed regional situation with Pakistani Establishment now becoming a pillar of stability in Afghanistan and against jihadi outfits. Altaf had conveniently ignored the executions of LEJ’s Malik Ishaq and what it means in terms of changing dynamics.

MQM leadership needs deep reflections; it continues to be Karachi’s most popular party; it represents educated middle classes and its best bet is to have a strategy that allows it to connect with middle class feelings and politics across Pakistan. That surely is difficult. But Altaf Hussain’s frustrated outbursts from London are not helping MQM’s politics!