An Exclusive talk with Imran Khan in Tonight With Moeed Pirzada discussing Second Intra-Party elections of PTI after the controversial First Intra-party elections and finding a way forward to strengthen mechanism for effective Intra-party elections. Moeed Pirzada further identifies the loop holes in this system which can lead to another controversial elections. While on the other hand Imran khan is confident and sees this as building of a pure democratic culture where different party leaders of PTI will be competing for a seat just like in American elections, where candidates from Democrats and Republicans are contesting for their parties nominations for presidency. Dr. Pirzada asks Chairman PTI about his stance on current political situation of Karachi and Mustafa Kamal’s entry? and whether PTI and Imran khan will support Mustafa Kamal’s political struggle against Altaf Hussain in Sindh ? Answering these question PTI Chairman, again stated how a party leader sitting in london is controlling and terrorizing people living in Karachi, while links with Indian spy agency RAW are exposed on different platforms including reports by Pakistan’s investigation agencies. Dr. Moeed Pirzada asks Chairman Imran Khan about Asif Ali Zardari’s latest statement in which he says Imran Khan knows nothing about Politics ? While talking on Oppositions allegations, Dr. Pirzada puts Hussain Nawaz’s latest challenge to Imran Khan, in which Nawaz Shairf and his family Hussain Nawaz challenges Imran to prove Sharif family’s bank default ? In last portion of the interview, Dr Moeed critically discussed Pak-India cricket match and security concerns related to Pakistan’s visit to India and will Imran Khan meet Pakistani Cricket Team before this big match. What professional tips and techniques Imran Khan is going to suggest for Pakistani Cricket team before this match?