DG ISPR warns PTM: What the future holds for a RAW-NDS sponsored campaign?

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Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor made it clear on Monday that the “time is up” for Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM). General Ghafoor talked at length about the PTM, its demands and links with anti-Pakistan forces in India and Afghanistan. He advised PTM to remain within their constitutionally determined limits and not challenge the writ of the state. “RAW and NDS are funding the PTM. Is it not true?” asked DG ISPR.

Moreover, the DG ISPR also maintained that the problem is in tribal areas and all the stakeholders in the country; including the incumbent government, parliament and the army are willing to address them, so then why is PTM targeting the state of Pakistan internationally? He was referring to recent talks and speeches of PTM leadership in London and America.

PTM has organized many rallies and protests across the country since its emergence. PTM alleges that its protests are not reported on the country’s electronic media because of their alleged anti-army posture. Many experts and political commentators allege that the PTM is a group of ‘traitors’ working on enemy agenda.

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Recently, a committee of the senate met with PTM leaders and assured it of full cooperation. The meeting was widely criticized due to the PTM’s anti-army narrative. Jan Achakzai, prominent analyst, is critical of the meeting between the members of the Senate and the PTM leadership.

Lar-aw-Bar-one #Afghanistan under the portrait of Quaid Azam. Thanks 2 these Senators, it will be a mainstream slogan instead of fringe as #PML-N discreetly & #PPP openly patronising #PTM to avenge Establishment 4 not backing them 2 power in 2018 & standing against corruption

Mr. Jan also slammed the PTM for its extreme language, saying “….generation of Waziristan’s former warring tribesmen spreading from erstwhile #FATA 2 Karachi; 7) #PTM inspired use of extreme language is pitching impressionable Pashtun youth against the state— way beyond the pale of freedom of speech: like #TLP which invited the ire…”

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According to well-placed sources, FIRs will soon be lodged against the leadership of the PTM and sufficient amount of evidence will also be presented before the court of law. The sources claim that the intelligence agencies have actionable evidence against the senior leaders of the PTM who have allegedly received money from the RAW and NDS.

Army has decided after carefully looking into the available evidence to go after these elements, sources added. There are some experts who suggest the state not to use force against these elements since it shall get extensive coverage in international media which shall raise some serious question for the foreign office and interior ministry.

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Dr, Moeed Pirzada, prominent political commentator, recently noted that “we know that “Spring Revolutions” originate and evolve less on ground and more on media and cyberspace and sudden interest of publications from New York Times, Washington Post, Foreign Policy to Asia Times Online and many many others points towards systematic efforts to create a “narrative”.

BBC Pashto, VOA –Deeva and France 24 all have been overactive – and all are state-funded broadcasters. This is being reinforced by the plethora of newer western web sites that are all using different words but more or less the same substance, a consistent message moving from different directions to create and reinforce a mental reality. This is further reinforced by teams of activists connected with NGO’s and international media inside Pakistan.”

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However, it is also advised that the state must not compromise on maintaining its writ. No individual or group within the state should have any right to stand up against the state itself and threaten to break it into the piece if his demands are not fulfilled.

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