Dialogue With Students @ Oxford University


A dialogue with Pakistani students in Oxford University. Dr Moeed Pirzada said in the introduction that there are many Pakistani students belonging from middle class in Pakistan and on scholarships to get educated from Oxford University.

Different issues relating to Pakistan and how students in Oxford perceive issues, challenges and how to solve these in Pakistan from abroad are discussed in the dialogue. It was also discussed that after completing their education in Oxford how they want to take part after getting back to Pakistan or they are not interested to go back home and prefer to stay in UK for brighter future.

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  1. This is very thoughtful and interesting debate. You are required to raise this among students in Pakistan. Because it will help to improve their intellectual capabilities. We need to create tolerance in our society. I believe state and religion are separate entities and when state adopt a religion it becomes more vulnerable to anti state elements. In Pakistani politics few people have misused religion and in fact this is the reason being a secular state is more strong and provide space to all sections of life.

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