Egyptian Crisis on the rise…!


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Egyptian Crisis is increasing! though by now there is little doubt that the US was behind creating this “military coup” (while US and EU are still trying to reinvent English language and dictionary by not admitting that “coup” is a “coup”) I suspect Obama Administration will have to surrender Gen. Sissi as a “hot potato” or “used condom” at some stage to make way for a “new solution”.

We need to follow and understand the dynamics not for the love of Egypt or Islam or Arab world but because certain very fundamental principles of democracy are involved and are being reshaped; definition of democracy is being revised; whereas we know that Egyptian Liberals and Civil Society’s fears and frustrations have been exploited by the US, Israel and Army to push an agenda of their own, the failure of Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi is that they were not inclusive enough, they were not wise enough to understand that they have to take every one along, they had to take all stakeholders along; and the stakeholders are not only the Egyptian liberals but also the United States and Israel.

Before your hands go for gun to kill me, let me add more; politics of high stakes is not black and white, it needs understanding and adjustments; Muslim Brotherhood knew that, they tried accommodating Israeli and the US concerns by accepting Camp David, by using military against Islamist groups in Sinai and by resisting Salafi demands to incorporate overt Islamic injunctions in the Egyptian Constitution, they tried many things to calm down the fears about them but they still failed for the reason that they had to accommodate their “Islamist support base” and this is where the real problem lies for all Islamists across the Muslim world including Pakistan.

Islamists agenda often focuses disproportionately on forbidding Alcohol, controlling women, severe medieval era punishments, restrictive codes of dress and lifestyles that they are unable to be understood as anything else but “primitive”; Islamist discourse has very little available on how governance can be improved in 21st century, how education, civic sense, quality of life, economic production and distribution can be improved….how a republic can be made to work the standard of living and quality of life in a rational way, since these things are not part of the discourse or not very visible all what Islamists believe in the end is that things will improve once Islam is enforced but what does that mean? sadly the enforcement of Islam (which was one of the biggest original revolutions humanity has seen) now only means symbolic things like forbidding Alcohol, bodily punishments, women in hijab or certainly not sleeveless or skirts, more men with beards, men and women not meeting freely, no gender relationships no love possible without getting married but men marrying many times is Islamic etc…

Focus remains on these non-issues and Muslim politics fails to define itself about anything else; Islamists thus have no solution or even substantive argument for the challenges of modern republics in 21st century; this creates fears amongst all those who don’t agree with them; the Liberals who were afraid of Islamists have thus joined forces for various external elements like the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia who all wanted Muslim Brotherhood to fail for their own different reasons (Israel afraid of political empowerment of Hamas and Hellebore & Saudi Arabia afraid of change itself) …result is a total disaster for Egypt; I leave with this, since this is too much for many of you to hate me…but you need to question how has definition of democracy changed for ever with the failure of all sides in Egypt; this is what matters to us in Pakistan….best…

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