Face to Face: An Exclusive Interview of Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah With Dr. Moeed Pirzada


Exclusive Interview of Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah With Dr. Moeed Pirzada. First question asked by Dr Moeed Pirzada was that how did he feel when people consider Imran Khan being true opposition leader although khursheed shah is opposition leader in the parliament of Pakistan. He admits that Imran Khan is popular leader but when khursheed shah thinks that inside parliament he still holds the central stage of opposition. Issues like PPP future politics in the country after general elections 2013 and PTI importance as an opposition party were discussed.

Dr Moeed pirzada discussed the reasons behind PPP limited to one province only after General elections 2013 although it always claimed to be the biggest political party in past 40 years. Khursheed shah responded that this was not the first time that PPP was able to secure seats from Sindh only, it was happened in 1997 as well when PPP got only 14 seats from their province. He said that results of general elections 2013,were not expected from our party.

He was of the view that PPP will gain its lost popularity in next elections because of the fastly changing issues people will also reset their minds. He thinks that Nawas sharif and Imran Khan’s popularity graphs are fastly decreasing in their respective provinces performances. He also raised questions on transparency of General elections 2013 and said that being Democratic Party they accepted the results with doubts.


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