Dear Respected Reader,

I, Danish Farid Khan, am a hospitality graduate who spent a total of eight years in Dubai, studying at first and then working professionally with the elite Strategy & Excellence function of one of the most sought after hospitality conglomerate — Jumeriah Group. I had an extremely well-paying job and planned career trajectory with Jumeirah, however I was not content within living and working in Dubai. I wanted to serve in my own country, Pakistan; therefore I eventually left my promising career, to make the move back home.

Growing up in a family that had been deeply involved in politics and had served in the military, I had developed an innate and instinctive interest at a very young age, of following global and national trends that shape the world affairs and also affect the lives of millions of Pakistanis. Observing such trends since a young age, and given my exposure, I developed opinions and views which I started to share on my Twitter account that has since accumulated a following of over thirty-thousand people — including leading politicians, media-persons and defense analysts, among a wide array of segments, especially the youth.

When I came back to Pakistan in 2012, I was invited to meet Imran Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf — PTI, whom I had been supporting since his professed ideology of bringing change in Pakistan mirrored what I believed in myself. I put my efforts in pioneering one of the most potent and effective PTI central organization that set national narratives & possessed the capability to mobilize street power through the use of social media, especially during the elections of 2013 and subsequently in the movement known as the Azadi Tehreek of 2014. I also later worked with the Secretary General of PTI, Jahangir Khan Tareen, in setting up his media team which played a crucial role in his win in the by-election of Lodhran, a part from linking and expanding network of the party’s information capabilities to far flung areas like FATA and Balochistan.

However, having worked with PTI up close and personal, I found them to be lacking a great deal in their commitment to their professed ideology [which was and is still admirable], and thus became disenfranchised. I was not able to compromise on my ideals in order to assimilate myself with the political norms which I vehemently opposed in the first place. I am self-taught in the art of informational structures, objectives, communications, and warfare, and seeking a role to harness my talent and improve on my capabilities in order to continue serving Pakistan in a way that brings change in our society. Therefore, I would be grateful for such an opportunity.

Best regards,
Danish Khan