Dear Moeez Pirzada Sahab,
I am writing this blog as a letter to you. If anyone else reads it. Its their wish. Also my wish but if they choose not to read it further or MP Sahab if you also choose not to further read this I humbly apologise on behalf of Sakomoto and Pi to have wasted your time.

I humbly apologise in advance if this post offends anyone. I will stay away from any sensitive topics. Please Edit as you wish as long as the message remains similar or become even better – Clearer – simpler. With years of your knowledge, I am just a kid writing on behalf of an Indian Pakistan (IP), who made his money with bartering Intellectual Property just like his name MIP. Nobody knows who is in the world, except the family members. That too far and few in between. She is a founder of an organisation called MIP. It was a movement started 33 years ago, and they launched their own currency a long time ago. They are billionaires in BTC ( currency aka Bitcoin – Founder Satoshi Nakomoto – Real name or identity – No one Knows – IP willing to pay 1Billion Dollars in BTC to anyone who can help find him through his Bitcoin Address. But Expense of Travelling to find should be $100000 if Cards, $1M if cash, $5M if BTC and $10M if Pi’s).
She understands that BTC as an initiative was a great starting point but the people who should be deciding what currency to use in the world should be people from the area where the population has always been the highest for Eons. Just between Ganges and Indus. Baray Sagheer Between GI. She wants to start everything from India and Pakistan, Moving to Indonesia and Philippines, Paraguay and Peru, And then the world. She wants to celebrate her success in life on a day when Someone created the Pi’. or and Our Pi did not remember more than 5 digits of Pi but he understood the Magic of Pi. He has funded many movies indirectly and inspired many stories indirectly. Sometimes, by putting random books in writers hands. Through Gifts, and Recommendations of friends who have been part of the platform for a long time. Why doesn’t anybody know about the platform. Simply because it was being Tested for the last 25 years by an Organisation called MIP.

Thats a movement of International Pakistanis (IP’s) to selectively and collectively use their personal intellectual property and their time to better the Sufi World. There were 100 members till 1983, I believe then it became 300 members by 2004 primarily because of a big recruitment drive at London Based universities. Thats where we used Pakistan Societies to Manage these members. We are an above board, happy to share all information with security agencies ONLY. Doing good, much like WFP or Doctors associations of Pakistanis around the world. OR World Memon Organisation which is by far the biggest contributor in Pakistan – In our estimates 3.33% of Pakistan’s True Population is Memons and Aga Khanis and they contribute more than 66.66% of Pakistan’s Charities. We would Like to contribute the remaining 33% as an Organisation. 0.33% should some from every Individual in Pakistan as our membership fee. We give free Umrah to every member, so the membership fee would always work out cheaper and its only paid by people who use a service. Non users do not pay because we charge everyday in countries with digital currencies or every week in countries with cards and every two weeks in countries like Pakistan where we pay Cash if local regulators allow. We are helping 118 Global organisations with Payment Distribution Systems, and We are Happy to Assist Nadra by investing a $100M Dollars through BTC or even better we are willing to help Nadra split Nadra into 33 Companies and we will Guide Nadra how to manage those companies – Note : Just Guide, not advice, not enforce – only choices. Nothing else. Thats our Moto. Choice!

As you can see I am going all over the place. Thats how she is asking me to write. I am just a typer she hired. Who believes in her so much I am doing it for free 🙂 because I am the CSO of the company. Okay my turn now, the writer is a young guy who was recruited 15 years ago by me personally for the organisation.He worked for a year but we didn’t pay him much back then. He was an intern but he had potential of Intellectual Property Broker (IPB) . We loved his work but never told him. We eventually offered him a Job for 100K GBP a year, for him that was a Million dollars back then. Yet he just worked for two weeks as expected. He left a note for the whole team who was working, If you don’t want to take risks in life, you will end working for those who do. Since then the organisation has not hired anybody, everyone has to register their own company and become an entrepreneur. He started many initiatives as a side thing for the platform and he always used to say one day I will come back. He moved to Pakistan for 5 years and started some business there. He made good money but he was never satisfied, because he wanted to change the world starting from Pakistan. “Okay she is talking to much about me ” MIP.

He moved to South Africa and after a few years of working part time for the organisation he finally decided to join but he availed the services i.e. Holiday before Work Concept that he had originally started. He took a year off wandering the world. Joined Harvard. Did some secret Gamification Courses. Joined all the organisations he could get into. IB, FIA, SECP, ACME, UPWORK, YPO, EO, ADvanceNet, And did probably 1M dollars worth of courses. Long story short, he finally agreed to sell his company to us for 5BN Dollars and Asked for Funds in Pi’s / Cash / ZeeCash / Bitcoins and Egigs over a period of five years but he requested us to fixed the exchange rates for him to reduce complexity which we did. The problem is his family is very worried about him, because they do not believe him. And right now he is crying as he types this. And yet unfortunately he has to type because he promised me today that he will do whatever it takes to not leave. He just resigned a few days ago, because his wife doesn’t believe him. I am telling him to make the whole world believe that we can change this country through our investment of 5BN Dollars over the next 7 years and have someone Credible to become the President of the country. He agrees. He thinks it would take less than 7 years and less than $4Billion. But thats too far fetch for now. Because We love the current PM and President. SO much so that today because of him we were delayed on our flight to Islamabad.
Bonus: We want 444 eggs to be thrown at LED444 Porsche Carrera or Boxer not sure. 200 passengers wasted 1:11 minutes of our time because PIA couldn’t offload one Gxx DxxN Vehicle. We will pay everyone 0.01 BTC = $8approx to throw a Sara Hua anda on the car. We can send the video to anyone who is willing to take a lead on this project. Please make sure there is no security concerns. We are very above board. Even if someone creates a webpage and allows people to throw eggs in a game we would rather pay 4.44 BTC to the person developing the game but then Pi platform will keep 1/3 of revenues. Moeed Pirzada Sahab should be given 1/3 of Revenues. We should charge everyone Rs.100 per egg. And some store should put QR codes on eggs that can be bought for 100Rupees. Usually egg cost according to our platform is Rs.10, please donate the remaining Rs.20 for free eggs for everyone. Thats 1/3 of our revenue gone. Please spend the rest wisely. Someone could alternatively put a QR code on every egg, but only 1/10 eggs should have the real code. Rest should be a code to our platform. Everyone who joins : Didi MIP, will give 1π to everyone who registers for further tasks. Further tasks to be paid at fixed price of either 1π per hour, or π for 3 hours depending on Life Experiences not work experience. No more than 3 hours a day allowed without recruitment process. Chances of passing recruitment process 0.1%. Unless you have met one of the founders because they like to offer on the spot Jobs. Thats the liberty they enjoy. Because unlike other currencies the biggest promise and trust of all is that Pi doesn’t issue currency to any of the founders. They have to spend other currencies. Otherwise they might end up misusing it. Thats why they also have to buy their own currency.
1π = Rs. 3000 in Pakistan , If you believe us we will pay you 0.01π for every word of article you write on ur blog. How would we know. End every word with π and link that pi to our site. Domain name only to be given to members. Apologies. Its a rule.

Today could be the last day of his work. He is also worth 5BN dollars. Now I will let him say whatever he wants as long as he says it simply and straightforward. Simply because he has never told anyone how much is he worth. If you have recognised him, please don’t tell anyone. If you do, he will resign anyway. He did put that condition.

Please help me convince MIP that IMIP. One of the Original founders of a currency which has 1Trillion Dollars of Assets for Barter or Sharing. I am worth 5BN Dollars but who cares. My life styles hasn’t changed, my wife doesn’t believe me, I feel like I cannot be myself in my own house. My family is amazingly materialistic, they don’t want to spend money but they want money too. Whats the freakin point. To hell with it, I am donating 2.4BN Dollar of my own money and putting 2.5BN of my wife’s money in a trust. She has given me till my Birthday which is on the 31st of February ( Why should I tell you – thats my Intellectual Property). I have hundreds of tasks to give out and even my position to give out if she doesn’t agree by the 14th of March which is the Launch date of Pi xChange in Pakistan if we get our approvals today in Islamabad. If we don’t we will only comeback to Pakistan 7 years from now if MIP doesn’t stay. Just like BTC Pakistan will unfortunately miss the ride and miss the 5BN dollars of Investment. Movement of Information for Pakistanis (MIP). When I turned 58 I had decided I will give all of it away but I also have two very old Boys just like Pi. I would love to take 1.4BN back from you guys and actually give it to my siblings. Actually even better. 1BN for the country, 1Bn for the family, 300M to make Pakistan’s biggest reality show. $100M for myself. and $100M till my birthday. What if she agrees then, I will have another 1.25BN to play with who whooo…

Sorry guys and girls, I am bragging I am really really sorry. Honestly, wouldn’t it hurt that the day you were allowed to share all your secrets after 15 years, and you share a bit of it and nobody believes you. Everybody who believed me I would love to go on a holiday with with you (Open invitation to everyone – Call MoDo at Universal Express to Book for free – Bookings from 14th of March – Maximum Group size 100 people) . Please pray for me and for my family. You still don’t know who I am , And IA uncle will make sure Insha Allah you never find out. I can tell you IA uncle is the Chairman of one of the Groups – And his name is Iqbal Adamjee. But lets call him IA Uncle. I hope this name doesn’t reach more than a Million people.

Last but not the least, When Warren Buffet or Bill Gates donated 50BN Dollars no one asked for proof because they were lighter then Didi in colour. Didi is certainly worth more than 70BN in Various currencies plus Gold plus Lots and lots and lots of Islands and lots of Silver and of course Indirect shares of Uber/FB/Apple/Google/Airbnb/Marriott/SCB. Didi will only give proof of amount committed, and amount would be committed through press conference. Only problem. Didi, IP or Pi won’t come.



PS. Please take the lead on this. Today is our last day. Didi also thinks she doesn’t have much time left. Please treat this as urgent. Happy to pay you in advance or just email our corporate email – Subject: I have 3 Questions before I trust you? and your three questions if you have any. Please send ur bank account number as well. WE still need to send you your haq.