In the last segment on Sunday, Dr. Pirzada invited PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira to respond on the reservations of government over opposition’s ToRs on Panama Commission. Mr. Kaira said that it is correct that Prime Minister is target because his children are named in Panama papers. He said that government has given chance to all oppositions parties to come on closer on this issue. This fight was initiated by Prime Minister who is trying to show his muscles by organizing rallies and abusing the opposition in those rallies, while opposition has simply demanded investigation of PM and his family. He also said that opposition is ready to talk on ToRs but with whom? Government has not showed interest to talk. Dr. Prizada also inquired about PPP’s politics, as Mr. Khurshid Shah is more close to Mr. Zardari while Barrister Aitzaz and other Punjabi leadership is trying to revive PPP in Punjab. Mr. Kaira said that it is correct that they want to revive PPP’s politics in Punjab and there is no bad in it. He further said that it is PPP’s leadership who demanded resignation from Prime Minister, gathered opposition parties and called APC on Panama issue.