An Exclusive Interview Ishaq Dar with Dr. Moeed Pirzada

An exclusive discussion with Foreign minister Ishaq Dar, who is not only a minister but close relative of PM Nawaz Sharif and because of this he is completely aware of PM’s vision and its implementation for economy of Pakistan. Interview was conducted just after quarterly briefing on 1st January 2014 given to PM Nawaz by Finance minister Ishaq Dar on quarterly performance of his ministry. Ishaq dar defended his government’s position that tax revenue and remittances were increased in past few months. He also said that his government balanced the circular debt already present in the system and industrial growth and power generation increased. He said in his interview that only few pseudo intellectuals were running campaign to spread the rumors that Pakistani currency will be highly devalued. He said that his government should be given credit to increase value of Pakistani rupees from 110 rupees / dollar to bring it up to 105 rupees/ dollar.