Facts and Realities of 1971 Bangla Desh War Part 1

Facts and Realities of 1971 Bangla Desh War Part 1:
Dr Moeed pirzada in an exclusive segment of his program described in detail the facts about 1971 war that ended up in fall of Dhaka. He expressed that selection of date for an attack on APS School on 16th December 2014 clearly gives the signal that there is same mastermind behind the attack and fall of Dhaka. Dr Moeed described with references that India was the mastermind and main culprit behind fall of Dhaka and 1971 war. All the record of the war was eliminated that included how mukti bahani militant group was formed by Indian army and the record of camps where they were getting training. It was also discussed with the reference of books and articles that Bangladesh PM sheikh Mujeeb rehman established links with Indian government since 1962 through secret mails. Also it was discussed that Mukti bahini was responsible for massive killings of Bengalis and rape of women during and after 1971 war. India falsely accused that Pakistani army was behind killings and rapes. Indian side always exaggerated number of Pakistani soldiers during the war, authentic facts and figures show that only 34,000 soldiers were participating in the war and even they were restricted to the border areas.