Hillary Clinton; Famous Interview with Dr. Moeed Pirzada & Media Persons


Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State’s first media appearance in Pakistan after taking the charge of US State Department. The famous discussion was conducted by Dr. Moeed Pirzada in year 2009 wherein all important Media professionals also participated on behalf of their channels and this program simultaneously aired on all important news networks of Pakistan.
It was the time when Obama administration announced new strategic partnership for Pakistan and US including focus on people to people contact. Interview was done at her fifth visit to Pakistan. Representatives/anchors from all major media groups also participated and Dr Moeed Pirzada was mediator between the dialogues with Hillary Clinton.
Dr Pirzada asked her about the terms included in Obama administration new strategy for Pakistan and long and short term goals of Obama administration for Afghanistan.
Hilliary Clinton in the interview emphasized on the long term and doable partnership with Pakistan on all different issues. She also mentioned that on issue of militancy there should be deeper relationships between US and Pakistan. She appreciated the efforts of Pakistan military for their efforts in fighting against terrorism.
She said that we want to expand our relations to people to people contacts in civil society that will be start of a new chapter of relationship. She said that interests of Pakistan and US are common in the region as we are working to strengthen military and civilian relationship. Critical questions were asked from other anchor persons as well on which Ms Clinton replied with great patience.


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