Face2Face: An Exclusive Interview of Imran khan With Dr. Moeed Pirzada

An Exclusive Interview of Imran khan With Dr. Moeed Pirzada was recorded on 23rd January, 2014. This Interview was conducted when Federal government was moving towards decisive phase related to future of negotiations with Tehrek e Taliban Pakistan or military operation against TTP. Are we moving to a full fledged action against TTP & other militants in North Waziristan? Watch Imran Khan explain why dialogue never took off? What hampered Nawaz Govt? How Chaudhury Nisar and Pervaiz Rashid kept playing different flutes? Watch Imran respond to his liberal critics and what him argue that if this is the ‘decisive moment’ then we may support it, but is this a decisive moment or just another tactic to support US withdrawal? Imran Khan’s point of view on this important issue was discussed in the interview.
Imran Khan said during the interview that whole nation wants peace not war in the country. He strongly condemned war against Taliban in Pakistan as he thinks that this was US war not our own. Imran Khan was of the view that if we would have supported government if the operation was actually decisive but in fact, it is not. He said it was Gen Musharraf who took us to America’s war in 2002 for the sake of Dollars and Foreign Aid. He said that he was being criticized since he was opposing war on Taliban in parliament as well when army was heading towards Waziristan.