Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: An Exclusive talk with Sheikh Rasheed

PPP is on the same page with the government on reinstating Military courts for two years: Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed

’The issue of military courts has been settled, all political parties agreed on reinstating military courts for two years term on 28th February’’, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed  reveled in Dunya news Program “Tonight with Moeed Pirzada’’.

Declaring Panama gates, Dawn leaks and military courts as the biggest issues of the country’s current political discourse, he said,’’ Nawaz Sharif is conspiring against military courts amid Panama case decision and Nawaz sharif is taking credit for initiating operation Radd-ul-Fasad which is otherwise.’’

On Military Courts

Sheikh Rasheed said that Nawaz is on the same page with Zardari on the issue of military courts, he added that consensus exists between PML-N and PPP, which has already agreed on reinstating military courts for two years, he revealed that PPP held secret meetings with the government and are on the same page .He said, ‘’ Nawaz sharif wants to linger on the issue and is resisting the reinstatement of the courts and wants to use Zardari’s leverage, who is playing political gimmick on the issue’’. The government has failed to introduce reforms in the judicial system which shows the failure and unwillingness of the PML-N government, he claimed that Panama case decision is expected in 15 days and the Aml chief expects bold decision against the Prime minister, ‘’ Judges are fully aware of the facts in the case, government lawyers have failed to answer serious questions raised by the honorable judges’’.

The new accord signed with Swiss authorities is a Joke

Sheikh Rasheed said that finance minister is making everyone fool for taking credit on signing accord with the Swiss authorities on financial information sharing. He said that the government minster was involved in the biggest scam of laundering huge stash of cash.

Punjab operation has been halted

The AML chief said that Punjab operation has been halted, as Punjab police is not cooperating with the rangers. He added,

‘’I support Asif Zardari’s statement on operation by rangers in Sindh, where section 147 is enforced, the same has not been enacted in Punjab’’.

On Imran khan controversial statement regarding PSL final, he said that Imran khan has better understanding of cricket, the word Patecher   is not a politically incorrect word and Khan Sahib has explained it.

On the PSL final Sheikh Rasheed said that Imran khan should have attended the final with a bat on his shoulder, however he had his own reasons for not attending.


Politics of PPP

Declaring Bilawal Bhutto a kid, Sheikh Rasheed said that Bilawal has a lot to learn and is politically immature.  He said;

‘’In the APC meeting called by  Asif Zardari, I advised him to give free hands Asifa Bhutto or Bilawal Bhutto in Politics, otherwise there political careers will be overshadowed by Zardari’s prominent presence’’.

Asif Zardari also wants to dominate the politics of PPP and under his leadership, he is trying to activate the party by bringing back those leaders, who had left the party, he said, that the political elites of Sindh have no other choice but to join the PPP.

The AML chief said that Army has no active role in politics, nor should it be dragged into it.

‘’It is a good sign for the political system that army has no active role in politics’’.

He revealed that Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari have no cordial relations with the Army, they are neutral and not taking no sides.