Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: PTI plans agitation against Prime Minster in near future !!!

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif returned back to Pakistan from London after 48 days of absence due to his medical treatment. A special Plane of Pakistan International Airline Boeing 777 brought him and his family members from London. Dr Yasmeen Rashid a prominent member of Pakistan Tehrek Insaf criticized that it will cost a huge amount of money because a special plane was used, Flights were rescheduled and delayed, parking charges, and seat adjustment costs. She is of the view that PIA is Government owned Corporation and tax payer’s money is also involved so public has the right to raise questions on the special plane used in order to bring Prime minister back. According to her Prime Minster should personally pay for these expenses, on the other hand PTI has planned to take this matter to the court soon.
This is the time when PTI had submitted a petition in Election Commission for disqualification of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to contest Elections. Dr Yasmeen was the opposing candidate in General Elections 2013 for national assembly constituency against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. In PTI petition to Election Commission it was mentioned that Prime Minister didn’t declare his own and dependent Maryam Nawaz’s assets although it is a prerequisite to contest Elections. Two other opposition parties PPP and PAT had filed similar petitions in the Election Commission. But due to retirement of previous election commissioners the case will not be processed until the appointment of next members of Election Commission. Dr Yasmeen said that Government should finalize the appointments of the members Election Commission within 45 days as mentioned in the constitution that will be 27th July 2016.