Shahbaz Sharif in debate with Dr. Moeed Pirzada


An exclusive interview recorded with Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab on the overall performance of Punjab Government and PML’s future politics in Pakistan. Interview was recorded on 21st May, 2010.

Moeed Pirzada put forwards two important questions in front of Shahbaz Sharif. First, People from Karachi to Khyber are seeing a confrontation between Federal government and Supreme Court? What Shahbaz Sharif and Federal government has to say on “Independence of judiciary” and “Importance of 18th amendment” ?

Second questions was directly linked with governance in Punjab and Shahbaz Sharif’s own performance during these 2 years, which is being compared by the critics of Shahbaz Sharif’s by his past performance during 1990 era?¬†Shahbaz Sharif explains his and overall performmance of PML-N government, while also criticizes Governor Punjab Salman Taseer statements.


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