Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed President Awami Muslim League in an exclusive interview with Dr. Moeed Pirzada

An Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed !!! Interview was conducted few days after Judicial Commission was formed and agreement was signed between PML-N and PTI, to probe rigging allegations set by PTI on General Elections of 2013. While this interview also holds another importance as it was recorded after Chinese Presidents Visit to Pakistan in which China and Pakistan signed $43 Billion projects to be completed in Pakistan under China Pakistan Economic Corridor initiative. Why Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed thinks PML-N government is fooling the public by just advertising their name on different projects, while commenting he said real test lies in its implementation and results. He also raised question on whether these Chinese funded projects were Gift or Loans?  He accused PMLN Government for corruption and appointments without merit. He said that only Finance Minister Ishaq dar has bettor position and close relations with PM, rest of the PMLN leaders didn’t even have access to meet their PM. He strongly criticized mega projects costs in Punjab.