Sheikh Rasheed in Face 2 Face With Moeed Pirzada – 20th February 2014

Sheikh Rasheed in Exclusive interview on Face to Face with Moeed Pirzada. The program was recorded on 20th Feb 2014. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, Leader of the Awaami Muslim League in this interesting debate with Dr Moeed Pirzada still sees that General Pervaiz Musharaf’s case is weak and Government is playing with fire, while commenting on Formation Commanders meeting he still believes that Army has sent a clear message to Government. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed while talking to Dr Moeed Pirzada criticized PML-N Government, specially PM Nawaz Sharif as his priorities should be focused on Reviving Economy,  Fighting Corruption, Un-Employment terrorism and Militancy but sadly he has confined himself to Musharaf Case.