The Fallen Cop, the Chief of Target Killers and Important Phone Calls !!!

The Senior Superintendent Police Malir Cantt Rao Anwaar, in a politically charged and extremely hyped stint, arrested the Sindh Assembly opposition leader Mr. Izhar Ul Hassan.  This move was opposed vehemently by the higher-ups and Mr.Anwaar was suspended from service by the Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, a move which was apparently commended by the Prime Minister.
The Suspended SSP spoke to Doctor Pirzada about the move. He said that he had solid evidence against the accused. He said that Mr.Hassan had been indicted in various target killings and land grabbing cases. He also said that his move was completely legal and the way Mr.Izhar was released is illegal and unorthodox.
Commenting on the apparent political intervention, Mr.Anwaar said that his suspension was a purely political decision by the CM, because a few weeks ago when politicians were taken into custody by rangers, the technicalities were not highlighted and nobody objected.