Tonight with Moeed Pirzada 03. An exclusive interview with Mustafa Kamal

While talking to Dr. Moeed Pirzada, Chairman PSP Mustafa Kamal said our party was not established to merely conduct speeches, rather we demand plans for cleaning water and proper disposal of garbage.   The government of PPP doesnt have right to hold the authority, instead the authority should be transferred to the Mayors office. He said I suggested government to establish 5 transfer stations for disposing the garbage.
Talking on water issue he said that desalination is not a solution because the sea water is fully contaminated and desalination plants would cost a heavy price which would increase the cost of water. Karachi need 1200 million gallon water while it is getting only 140 million gallon, so an additional 1200 Cusic water must be allocated from Sindh River.
Giving his remarks over the statement of Governor Sindh, Kamal said “I disagree with him”. Without the support of rangers it would have been impossible to eliminate the terrorism from city. He concluded the discussion with the hope that PSP would be the largest political party by 2018.