Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: 14 August & Oppositions Protests !!!

Dr Moeed Pirzada discussed different current issues related to internal politics, Celebrations of Independence day and terrorism. Independence Day came only few days after massive Quetta blast tragedy that left more than 70 people dead. Different political parties organized rallies and Marches despite the security threats. Pak Sar Zameen party took out independence day rally in Karachi while PTI, N league and Awami Muslim league organized public gatherings in Rawalpindi. Dr Pirzada also said that rebellious element is visible in Pakistani politics during current scenario after panama leaks and Terms of reference negotiations failed. He was pointing towards PTI, s ehtasab movement against alleged corruption of Premier and his family. Dr Pirzada also discussed situation after Quetta blast. He said that Indian intelligence agency RAW’s involvement in the recent situation of Baluchistan can’t be ignored. Recent unrest in Quetta could be a move to divert attention from atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Recent statement of Indian PM Narendra Modi is also pointing towards Indian involvement in Baluchistan. Narendra Modi said in a statement that if Pakistan doesn’t stop interfering in Kashmir than India will expose Baluchistan human rights violations by Pakistani government. Dr Pirzada also discussed a serious prevailing political confrontation between federal interior minister Ch nisar and PPP. Exchange of harsh words between the two is seen from past few days.