Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: 14 August & Pakistan !!!

Professor Fateh Muhammad Malik, Legendary academic and Iqbaliat scholar, graced the show with his presence on the independence day. The history of the partition, the events that led to the historical migration and demarcation of the subcontinent, the elements involved and the people responsible for the feats achieved were discussed.
Mr. Fateh presented a time line for the chain of eventsĀ  that led to the partition. Allama Iqbal’s ideology being his subject of expertise, the professor also discussed how Iqbaliat has been the point of cynosure for all the elements that led to the sub continental demarcation.
Pakistan’s 70th Independence day marks the essence of why this country was created in the first place. The current political and economic states are abhorrent of the original vision, but Mr. Malik was optimistic of the fact that Jinnah’s Pakistan is never too far away.