Tonight With Moeed Pirzada 2: Government crackdown before Islamabad lockdown by the PTI


Dr Moeed Pirzada was joined by political analyst and Lawyer Dr Babar Awan, Irshad Arif and Mazhar Abbas, to discuss the crackdown on PTI by the government.
Dr Babar Awan condemned the arrests and use of force by the government on PTI workers and Leaders he said it shows that the government is totally confused and afraid in its strategy.  He said that the Government has damaged the sanctity of the Federation. On the order by the Islamabad high court, he said that Courts must refrain from issuing orders like these; Crackdown on PTI Youth convention was illegal as it was an indoor convention, section 144 cannot be enforced. Irshad Arif was of the view that the Pre-emptive move by the government created law and order situation and it was a deliberate move on part of the government. On the question of Realpolitik and role of bureaucracy, Mazhar Abbas said that bureaucracy role has been massive, as it has always sided with the incumbent government.


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