Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: How 9/11 changed the world forever!

Doctor Moeed Yusuf, eminent scholar and US-Pak relations expert joined in to throw light on some important questions related to the global-trigger, the 9/11 attacks. It is important to know that Pakistan was one of the biggest victims of the tragedy and due to the events that followed; almost 100,000 Pakistani people have lost their lives and Pakistan has spent billions of dollars fighting an enemy that was created by the US forces, to tackle an entirely different opponent.

Doctor Yusuf said that Pakistan’s suffering was inevitable. He said that the global perception about the US forces’ dominance in Afghanistan is not true. Military and hostile take-over does not resolve problems, he said, they make them worse.

He said that the regional suffering was convulsed onto Pakistan, which was true. And that India had not suffered as much as Pakistan in the name of regional stability. But it was not to stay the same way; inevitably India will either come under the fire or the insurgency will come to a responsible end.