Tonight with Moeed pirzada: A general analysis on current political and social issues !

The first part of the program went without any guest. Dr. Moeed in his introduction highlighted the protests, held in Karachi by Jamat-e-Islami against k electric due to the load shedding of electricity and by fixit, against the elimination of IG singh AD khuwaja.
He then moved towards khuwaja Saad Rafiq and revised his comments about Imran Khan that is, he made a sensible statement about COAS and there is nothing wrong in their meeting.
In a quite humorous way, Dr. Moeed analyzed the relations between PML-N and PPP that as such no political scuffle it witnessed among both the parties and both have same views about Imran Khan and PTI. He also used the word “intelligent person” for Khuwaja Saad Rafiq.
Dr. Moeed concluded his introduction giving remarks on the speech of Imran Khan at talagang district, that he told People about Corruption and Money Laundering just like a Professor.