Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: Afghanistan does not recognize Taliban as terrorists

Prominent Defense Analyst Imtiaz Gul joined Doctor Moeed Pirzada to analyze the Pak Afghan bilateral talks held in London last week, their possible outcome and the new economic possibilities in the region for all countries and how India has been playing adversary in Pak Afghan peace negotiations.
Mr Imtiaz Gul said that Pakistan and Afghanistan reached a breakthrough on transit issues and border management. He said that the Afghan government is now very lenient on previously rigid issues such as fencing and refugees.
He said that the Taliban sustain control in many states and distrust of Afghanistan and the government treats them as a political opposition not as terrorists.
Mr Gul also said the economic corridor is a downright opportunity for many counties in the region. India has failed to tag Pakistan in the recent attacks in European countries and that India has yet to initiate to take part in this economic paradigm shift, which is going to benefit all countries in the region.