An Exclusive Debate with Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Planning Minister

An Exclusive Debate with Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Planning and Development, Dr. Pirzada raised important questions on KPK Chief Minister’s reservations on Pakistan China Economic Corridor. Dr. Pirzada put forwards questions in front of Ahsan Iqbal which Federal government failed to address reservations of KPK and Balochistan on actual CPEC routes & why KPK government started to agitate on the issue of Industrial Parks and roads networks ? Dr. Pirzada also pointed out that somehow or another Federal Government failed to build a national consensus when in december 2015, KPK government wrote a letter to Federal Gov. in which they demanded to send this issue to “Council of Common Interests” meeting ?
Ahsan Iqbal explains CPEC as a whole project, its time frame and different dimensions of investment. He also clarified that this project is designed to continue from 2015-2030, where 70% of its investment would be done on Pakistan’s energy sector.  Dr. Pirzada also asked questions related to CM KPK reservations and briefed his position that they were unable to understand tricks of PML N government as they kept them in complete dark on the Pakistan China Corridor details and said if his elder would be Prime Minister of Pakistan then there will be development in his province as it is happening in Punjab referred by Khattak.