Tonight with Moeed Pirzada. An Exclusive Interview with Chairman PTI, Imran Khan.

Dr. Moeed Pirzada joined the Chair man PTI, Mr. Imran Khan at his house in Bani Gala to debate on the current political situation. The discussion started with the the question regarding the outcome of Panama leaks. Khan answered that I attended Supreme Court hearings the way a school boy attend his school and have utilized all my energy to disclose the corruption of leaders. The decision rests with the Court. Declaring PSL final as a club match he said that Prime Minister and the whole PML-N are striving to safely get away from the Panama Scandal. Government claimed that PSL final would result into the revival of international cricket in Pakistan which was a misthought.
Talking about Qatari letter he said that the Pakistanis are very intellectual, they know that a Qatari letter is not genuine. Nawaz Sharif can not be declared acquitted the people`s judgement. Although the decision of Supreme Court is still pending but Prime Minister and his family have at least accepted that they made properties in London through money trail.