Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: An Exclusive Interview with Shiekh Rasheed !

In an exclusive interview at Tonight with Moeed Pirzada, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that the prosecutors have already won the case.
“The Prime Minister’s luck is in the doldrums. Nawaz Sharif is clever, not intelligent. The Nawaz family has regarded Saif Ur Rahman as their fourth brother, who has been dealing with the Qataris on their behalf. The Qatari Prince’s letter has played absolutely no role in bailing them out; instead it has damaged the Sharif family’s reputation and their defense in the case.
The Awami League Chief said that Imran Khan and Sheikh Rasheed are the real opposition.
“Khurshid Shah and his party are fooling around in the name of opposition. People’s party will regret their decision of not being a part of the Panama case. The four demands made by Bilawal are senseless. Imran Khan is the only sincere leader, he knows how to make his case and he knows how to generate resources”
He said that the Prime Minister has lost his case in the eyes of the public.
“The public is supporting us as we represent their sentiments. We are the voice of the people and I have been termed as 007; that is the extent of the public’s approval of me. I have been Nawaz Sharif’s political mentor. I have defeated him thrice.”
Commenting on the Civil-military relations, he said that these relations have always been shaky.
“There has always been a pattern to this. As the Civil-Military relations start strengthening, Nawaz Sharif finds a way to mess that up. And this will continue with the new chief as well”
The AML Chief also commented on the outgoing Chief Justice and the implications of his retirement on 30th December.
“This retirement is being portrayed to Nawaz Sharif’s advantage, propaganda is being brewed. This is not the case at all; these delaying tactics will bring more shame to Nawaz. Had Nawaz been a true leader, he would have resigned after panama gate scandal”