Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Budget 2016-2017_PART2

Mr. Zubair Umar, Chairman Privatization commission, Abdul Kareem Dhedy of the AKD securities and Mian Mehmood Ur Rasheed, Prominent PTI leader and member national assembly expressed their views on the budget presented by the finance Minister of the state, Mr. Ishaq Dar, for the year 2016-17. Mr. Zubair, upon being asked what the major challenges the government had to face for the budget, said that in the first 2-3 years the government was committed towards the stabilization of the economy, and the next two years or so were to be utilized in growth. Mr. Zubair said that the achievement of the budget was the agricultural fronts that were addressed, as last year agriculture was not focused upon and that caused a collapse in that sector. The lowering of the prices of Urea products were a direct testimony to that. The major achievement was the massive increase in tax collection, a staggering 60%. Mian Mehmood Ur Rasheed was critical of the fact that Mr.Dar and the government had failed to deliver. He said that there is no relief in the budget for a common man and that the minimum wage decided for a worker, 14-15000 is too less to run a domestic clockwork. He said that had Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf been in the government they would have raised it to at least 20,000. Mr. Rasheed said that the government had failed to make a difference. Mr. Dhedy was of the opinion that the stress laid upon the agricultural sector was a political move to woo the farmers in an early election stunt. Mr. Dhedy said that if the government indeed had the farmer’s best interests at heart then they would’ve catered to their needs last year, when it was desperately required. AKD also said that the common man does not directly benefit from this budget.