Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: Fawad Ch on PSL final in lahore !

PTI spokesperson Fawad Ch supported the statement of PTI chairman Imran khan. Imran Khan considered that the decision to hold Pakistan super league final in Lahore is wrong one. Both Fawad Ch and Imran Khan are of the view that there is no point in arranging the final under strict curfew like situation. Fawad ch while giving his opinion on this move of Pakistan government said that Imran khan is competing with large spin doctors. Fawad Ch said that what message will be conveyed to the world by keeping the schools and surrounding areas close before the final of PSL in Lahore.
PTI didn’t participate in people’s party led all parties conference held on issue of military courts. Fawad Ch said that PPP has lost its relevance in current political situation. The reason is they didn’t go to Supreme Court on panama issue and that’s why their move to conduct APC on military courts issue is to make space and relevance in politics.