Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Girl Burnt Alive in Murree !!!

Ayesha Khan, Dunya News Reporter joined Dr Pirzada to explain what she found out in Dewal Sharif, where Maria Sadqat, 19 year old school teacher was burnt alive this week. Ayesha Khan had also covered the tragedy in Abottabad, when Ambareen was burnt alive in April this year and Ayesha explained the difference between two tragedies. In case of Abottabad, whole village remained silent, they all knew what had happened but all remained silent in front of police but in Dewal Sharif, near Murree the whole village was telling Ayesha and her team as to what happened. The difference was in the Police reaction. In Abottabad, the young DPO, Khurram Rasheed launched a massive investigation and analyzed Call Data Records (CDRs) to identity the killers. In case of Murree, the Rawalpindi Police (Punjab Police) response left much to be desired. Police in Murree was slow to react, and despite a three member committee formed by the CM Punjab, it looks like that local politics was at play to save the killers. Ayesha explains and Dr. Pirzada points out that this is a test for the CM Punjab and its IGP to prove how serious they are to punish the perpetrators of violence against women.

On a different note this is also a test for all the Human Right and Women Organizations who keep on blaming men for violence against women. Mere condemning is not enough; its time to act; all such organizations and political parties need to take an active interest to campaign on this issue. Without public and political pressure, local political influences will water down the case and killers of Maria will use influence to escape punishment.