Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: I was told by my sources that Sajjan Jandal will visit Pakistan after UP elections- Khurshid Kasuri


While talking to Doctor Moeed Pirzada, the former minister for foreign affairs Mr Khurshid Kasuri said that he was priorly informed by his Pakistani sources about Indian business tycoon Mr. Sajjan Jandal’s visit to Pakistan. He further said that the problem lies not with India, but Pakistan itself; Pakistan’s narrative has always been proactive. He said that he believes in stabilizing terms with India.
Mr. Kasuri also said that he does not believe that the army will play a negative role in the peace process between India and Pakistan. He said that even in his tenure, efforts were made to destabilize Pakistan through Afghanistan. Commenting on his party’s attributes, he said that most of their achievements have been through back channels. The former foreign minister also said that China will face resistance from everywhere in the region, as it has with Indonesia.


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