Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Imran Khan’s questions and Doctor Qadri’s voodoo magic !!!

Imran Khan’s questions and Doctor Qadri’s voodoo magic: Raiwind under threat and sugar mill on fire!
Doctor Moeed Pirzada opened with the four questions that the PTI chief Imran Khan has demanded answers of from the Prime Minister. Doctor Pirzada commented on the old threat; Imran Khan has been threatening to go to Raiwind since April this year when the Panama fiasco was in a full revolutionary swing. Although it is not really clear what the PTI intends to do there; whether if it will be a demonstration or a protest or a rally.
A distinct change in the PTI narrative has been observed over time. The PTI has announced that if need be, it will go to Raiwind alone.
Commenting on Tahir Ul Qadri’s fire anecdote and the coincidence that followed, the Doctor said that it is extremely mysterious how Ramzan Sugar Mills in Chiniot caught fire exactly when Mr.Qadri was implicating how 300 Indian workers have been recruited to work in the Premier’s family businesses and if this matter is not looked into, the records might catch fire as they have done so in the past. Doctor Moeed also commented on how the Indian chess pieces have emerged as solid elements in domestic Pakistani politics for the first time in history.
The stage has been set, all the elements are in place. What remains to be seen, is how the parties will play their moves.