Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Imran marches into Islamabad .Is Nawaz under trouble?


Senior Editor Dunya newspaper Irshad Arif and senior political Analyst Mazhar abbas joined Dr moeed pirzada in a discussion about Pakistan tehrek e Insaf’s political moves. PTI chairman Imran khan has announced to shut down Islamabad on October 30. Imran khan said that participating people would not return back until and unless Nawaz Sharif resigns as PM or presents himself for accountability over the Panama issue.
Irshad Arif was of the view that issue of panama leaks investigation remained alive only due to the efforts of PTI and its chairman imran khan. Irshad arif said that PM Nawaz shareef used delayed tactics for six months to washout the panama leaks so that people would forget this serious issue. Mr Mazhar Abbas had totally opposite point of view regarding Imran khan’s latest call for shut down of the capital. He said that in Raiwind rally Imran khan said that he would give call to shut Islamabad after holy month of Muhharram but now he is giving this call during Muhharam. He also said that Panama leaks investigation case is in Supreme Court.


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