Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Jibran Nasir’s Campaign Against Pellet Guns!!!!


After recent unrest in Kashmir valley where more than 50 innocent people died and thousands got injured, while hundreds other got blind due to pellet guns. Jibran Nasir who is social media activist and has recently started campaign against frequent use of so called non-lethal weapon by Indian security forces. He told that the bollywood actors are well known personalities in India and people admire them, therefore he adopted this concept to show their faces damaged with pellet firing just to get empathy for innocent Kashmiri people.
Indian is now Facebook’s highest ranking users with 1.95 Million ahead of USA with 1.91 Million users. It is in the business interests of all social media websites and other technological companies have deep interest in India, due to which they get influenced by India.  International media and other human rights organizations must raise issue of Kashmiris without any discrimination.


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