Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Judicial Commission on Panama Leaks !!!

Ansar Abbasi, prominent analyst and veteran journalist expressed his views on the Supreme Court investigative commission proposed by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his address to the nation, amidst opposition pressure.
Mr. Ansari, commenting on the terms of reference, said that the government has crafted this to buy time. He was also of the opinion that this commission would not be able to probe the matter any time soon. Mr.Ansari said that the People’s party chairperson Mr . Asif Ali Zardari doesn’t wish for this commission to proceed with the probe.
The analyst said that it is highly unlikely that the Supreme Court would take up this case. In the case that it does, as suggested by prominent minds, the Court should probe the Prime Minister and recent premiers, Mr. Zardari and Gen . Musharraf first, then proceed to other implicated people, so that the matter is put to rest. There are some serious issues for the government in this whole matter, and it is not the absolute black and white scenario it is depicted as.
Mr.Abbasi offered his suggestion that the ruling party should replace the Prime Minister on an urgent basis, to bring immediate calm to the spectrum. In the light of the threats posed to Pakistan, this matter should be settled as soon as possible.
Mr. Abbasi also said that the grey areas for the government are most prominently, the London apartments, which do not corroborate with the implicated time and their admitted purchase year. He said that the Prime Minister is acting out under political pressure.