Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Lawyers Deadline on Panama TOR’s !!!

Exclusive discussion with Barrister and MQM senator and President Pakistan bar council Dr. Mohammad Farogh Naseem who is a leading constitutional lawyer. Farogh Naseem explained in details the outcomes and decision taken during All Pakistan lawyer’s representative’s convention held under Supreme Court bar association and Pakistan bar council on Panama leaks investigations. He threatened to launch a countrywide campaign against the government if the parliamentary committee failed to formulate a consensus-oriented terms of reference (ToR) to probe the Panama Papers leaks. Dr Faroogh said that his organization is under pressure from lawyer community to investigate on corruption as revealed in Panama leaks.He said that resolution adopted by the convention emphasized that the parliamentary committee should include in its deliberations on ToR that the investigation should start from the prime minister and his children in phase one to find out if Mr Sharif had invested or owned any offshore properties or some crime or wrongdoing had been done inclusive of the trail of money / funds and reconciliation with the declaration before the Election Commission of Pakistan and income / wealth tax authorities from January 1985 till date.
He said that inquiry should be restricted to parliamentarians and holders of public office as they have to conform to the requirements of Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution and not against the businessmen or loan defaulters because being Pakistani they don’t want to threaten business community.
He said that Democracy doesn’t give license to corruption. Lawyers are asking Pakistan bar council to formulate their own TORs but farogh naseem said that they don’t want to derail parliamentary system. Dr Faroogh naseem also said that they partially support seven questions asked by Opposition to Prime Minister but not all important questions were compiled. Mr Nawaz sharif should provide Monet trails of his offshore and inshore properties and the matter will be solved.