Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: M.Imran 2nd November PTI dharna…will religious parties join?

Government and PTI are in tug- of-war over upcoming 2nd November rally of PTI on panama papers investigations. Interior minister Nisar met a delegation of Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC), an umbrella of religious political parties. This meeting was held at backdrop of PMLN ministers accusing PTI that they have invited one of the religious parties under president ship of Moulana samiul haq. Moulana samiul haq is the head of same Madrassa in Akora khattak in Khyber pakhtoon khawa that got funds from provincial government of PTI. Defense correspondent of dunya news M Imran said during the discussion that it is strange that government has accused Imran Khan of extending invitations to armed members of Jihadi groups for PTI’s planned siege of Islamabad on November 02. He explained in detail that how PMLN government in the past used the same religious parties head Moulana samiul haq for negotiations with Tehrek Taliban Pakistan. He also mentioned that Moulana Samiul haq’s party is registered with election commission of Pakistan and actively takes part in politics.