Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Muastafa Kamal and Governor Sindh’s face off

 A war of words or a war of Turf? Salman Ghani joined Dr Moeed Pirzada to discuss his analysis published in the daily Dunya, on the ongoing war of words between Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat-Ul-Ibad and Pak Sar Zameen party chairman Mustafa Kamal. He said the war was initiated by the PSP, as it feared that MQM Pakistan group is being supported by the Sindh Governor and has been playing the role of an important bridge between Establishment and MQM Pakistan, headed by Farooq Sattar. Governor Sindh is highly regarded by the security forces in Sindh on his supportive and decisive role in the ongoing Karachi operation. He further mentioned how Farooq Sattar group was silently supported by the Sindh Governor and this is where PSP Party initiated an organized media attack on Governor Sindh. Discussing the issue of a leak of an important Security briefing by the government to Dawn news where the government promised to unfold those behind this heinous crime, Salman Ghani said that it will be in the interest of the government to resolve this matter on urgent basis.