Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: No Strife between PPP & PTI !!!

While talking to Dr Moeed Pirzada, Sardar Latif khosa Sectary general PPP said that, there is no strife between PPP and PTI. We joined hands for the accountability of panama.PPP firstly submitted the reference against the PMLN in the election commission. Every party has its own ideology on it comply. Now Bilawal Bhotto has competent, we don’t get calls from Dubai and London. All cases of Zardari regime have dismissed on court order. Election commissions have given them two time extensions but I am sure they cannot justify. PPP did not go to speaker because we know about him I wish he can send reference PMLN will not pass the electoral reform bill because they know that they will win election by rigging. Nation also wants acquittal from this royalty. Nawaz Sharif has ruined the country.PPP will again capture Punjab as it was the hub in Bhutto’s regime. Part 1st