Tonight With Moeed Pirzada Part 1: Turkish Military, speculation !!!


Following the attempted coup by a faction of the Turkish military, speculation broke all around the world about the circumstances that led to these events.
Former Ambassador to Turkey and Afghanistan Tariq Azizuddin was of the opinion that the time for this attempt was not appropriate. Tayyip Erdogan is unpopular, but it was not as potent as to convince the general public to give in to the military.
Former Foreign Secretary, Mr Najmuddin Sheikh said that he did not assess the situation to have been fuelled by the west or Gollen. He said that Turkey is trying to revive it’s diplomatic relations with Russia, Syria and even Israel.
He further stated that Erdogan is trying to gain excess power by transforming parliamentary government system to presidential system owing to which there are lesser possibilities of Turkey being included in the European Union.
Dr. Zafar Jaspaal, Head of school of Politics and International Relations, Quaid e Azam university, said that the western media has created sensation out of the whole scenario. The transformation in the diplomatic status of Russia Syria and Israel could’ve been the root cause of this mutiny.


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