Tonight With Moeed Pirzada Part2: Edhi A Great Loss to the Nation!!!

Abdul Sattar Edhi, a beacon of hope and compassion and one of the greatest philanthropists of all times left the world aggrieved, late on 8th July 2016. Doctor Moeed Pirzada opened with a note of appreciation of Mr.Edhi’s legendary contributions. Mr. Edhi held the record for the largest ambulance network in the world. His organization was spread all over Pakistan and had reached out to the international community on multiple occasions. The Edhi foundation had hundreds of facilitation centers, nursery homes, orphanages, schools, mental asylums, contingency centers, hospitals and smaller medical units all over the country. Mr.Edhi spent most part of six decades in the selfless devotion to humanity, since the establishment of the Edhi foundation in 1953. Mr. Ansar Barni of the Barni foundation, renowned philanthropist and human rights activist joined in to express his views on the national tragedy and to shed light on as to how his legacy can be continued. Mr. Barni said that the gesture shown by the establishment in offering a state funeral is commendable. Mr.Barni stressed upon the fact that icons like Mr.Edhi need to be recognized and respected in their lifetimes, not only posthumously. Mr.Shehzad Roy, popular musician and philanthropist added a suggestion that waste-management in Karachi should be catered to. He said that Mr.Edhi was always concerned with the traffic situation and waste obtrusion of the Sindh capital and how his ambulances received hurdles. Mr.Roy said the Sindh government should look into that so Mr.Edhi’s vision can be brought to completion. Mr.Jamal Shah, experienced film-maker, actor and philanthropist joined Dr.Pirzada in the studio. Mr.Shah said that Abdul Sattar Edhi was a very unconventional human being and his compassion and services can never be matched. He also said that Mr.Edhi’s name does not deserve to be made controversial in the debate of naming an airport after him or offering him a posthumous award. He said that Edhi’s hard work and devotion deserves his legacy to be upheld with assistance from the government and the people of Pakistan. He also said that children should be enlightened with a comprehensive scripture of Edhi’s services via academics. He said that it is necessary to enlighten people of the true incentives and structures of Edhi’s vision.