Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: PM Modi’s Active Foreign Strategy !!!

Dr Pirzada explains how PM Narendra Modi is on a strategic tour to conquer the world. Modi’s whirlwind trip is taking him to Afghanistan, Qatar, Switzerland, United States and Mexico. Two principal goals stand out: One, to create support for Indian admission into Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and Secondly, to isolate Pakistan in the region. Trips to Switzerland, Mexico and the United States are to build Indian case for NSG; in the US Modi will address the joint session of US Congress and will expect Obama administration to send a strong signal to the NSG Meeting in Vienna set for 9th and 10th June. India filed its application on 12th May this year, one week before Pakistan. Both countries have filed applications under the ‘Criteria based Admission to NSG’ being advocated by China that had objected to the exclusive treatment being given specifically to India. China is trying for simultaneous entry of both India and Pakistan, however the US may not help Pakistan at all, as it is obvious from recent comments of State Department; US interests are totally wedded to those of India thought US keeps creating obfuscations about its policy in the region, but surely actions speak louder than words.

This segment also discusses Indian strategy of Chahbahar Port with Iran and Afghanistan. Perhaps Indian economic strategy makes it automatically a rival of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. (CPEC); What will then be the implications for Pakistan?