Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: Post Analysis on PM Nawaz Speech_Part 2 !!!

Lawyer, Author, Senior Analyst and Pakistan People’s party leader Aitzaz Ahsan and Senior editor Roznama Dunya offered their analysis on the Prime Minister’s second address to the nation in a month.

Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan was of the opinion that the Prime Minister acted delusional and it was a show of extreme political immaturity. Mr. Ahsan said that he was very disappointed and the Prime Minister was speaking out of incoherence. He also stated his disagreement on the Supreme Court commission proposal. He said that if the Justice Nasir-Ul-Mulk case is quoted to back this decision, then it should also be considered that a special law was made to accommodate that commission.
Mr. Ahsan commented on the Prime Minister’s remark about shut cases; he said that no courts have issued their verdict yet on any of the cases against the Sharif brothers. The Prime Minister’s son has accepted the properties and the family should stand honorably in face of the allegations, and prove their legitimacy if they are adamant on their innocence in the whole affair, the lawyer said.
Mr. Ahsan maintained that he does not support the fact that the Chief Justice is to probe this matter.

Mr. Irshad Arif, on the other end of the line, was of the opinion that the Prime Minister has backed out of the statements he made on the 5th of April. Mr.Arif commented that the Prime Minister is playing street smart, amidst blazing allegations he is playing calmly.
Mr.Arif said that if the government creates a commission of their choice and structuring, it won’t be acceptable by the opposition and the general public.
The editor also said that the Prime Minister has been amply pressurized. What follows, is a test for the opposition. The opposition is now being scrutinized as to how far it would go to push the PM off the ledge.