Tonight With Moeed Pirzada: PTI’S Raiwind protest March on Panamagate !!!

Dr Moeed Pirzada talks to senior PTI leader Dr Yasmeen Rashid about future political strategy of PTI agitation on the issue of PM’s children names in panama leaks. Dr Moeed pirzada was pointing out that all the other major opposition parties hesitated to join PTI’s recent plan to March towards raiwaind which is the place of Prime Minister’s residence. Replying to Dr Pirzada’s question Ms Yasmeen said that their party’s anti-corruption agenda is strong that’s why the party doesn’t feel any sort of loneliness when other opposition showed their unwillingness for joining them in Protest March.
She said that after approaching all national institutions for the justice they are now heading towards the public. PTI wants to present their case in front of the people. She took the credit of initiating Electoral reforms process which according to her was result of their previous agitation in 2014 on issue of electoral rigging during General elections 2013. Dr Yasmeen said venue of the protest March will not be changed in any case but the final date for it will be decided in a meeting. Earlier PTI’s chairman Imran Khan had announced that Protest will be conducted on 24th of September.